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** All items are handmade and can take up to 2 weeks (longer for saddles) before they ship. Thanks for your patience! - Molly **

Confidence is everything when you are purchasing a saddle. Will it fit my horse? Can I ride it? Is it worth the money? I have worked very hard to ensure that these three questions are answered with a yes, because they are the very same things that I ask myself when picking out a new saddle! Whether you choose my wooden tree saddle, popular for its super comfortable seat, or my favorite saddle the Freedom Fit, the most versatile fitting saddle I have ever seen, your investment means a lot to me and I am confident that you will be happy riding my signature saddles. The three most important traits in a great competition saddle are: the way the saddle fits my horse (I don't want any rolling or pinching), how well my saddle helps me to be secure in the seat while riding through a powerful turn), and the quality vs weight issue (best quality saddle vs lightest for competition). With my Freedom Fit saddle, I took the challenge of fitting every horse out there to heart.  I was convinced that NO wooden tree saddle is able to fit every horse, this is obvious becasue every horse is made differently. Therefore, by using a flexable poly bar on my tree, then stabilizing it with rawhide, I was able to achieve the ability in my tree for it to 'expand off' of a pressure point, while maintaining the ability to support the rider's weight and distribute it evently along the horse's back. This is the ultimate performance that I think we all are looking for! When I think about a saddle helping me to ride better, I am looking for a good narrow seat under my groin area so that I can grip easier with my legs. Also, I am a big believer that it's not the HEIGHT of the swells that helps us to stay in the saddle better (I don't ride with my stomach), but its the WIDTH of the swells that gives us more instant contact with our thighs so that we can squeeze and hang on with our LEGS! By putting a 'block' behind where the stirrups connect to the tree, we are able to 'set' the stirrups from swinging back behind the rider's hips, and thus we won't fall forward on our horses in a run. Make sure you buy the correct size of tree.... most people ride too big of a tree! What this does is to allow the rider to fall forward before the make contact with the swells! Lastly... cost vs value.... I have battled the challenge for years! I wanted to give people their money's worth when buying my saddle - QUALITY IS EVERYTHING. But I also want (myself included) to win! Thanks to REINSMAN I am so happy to be able to offer a saddle that is truly worth the money in quality and construction, but is also light enough to ride and win. Please believe me when I tell you that I would NOT ride a saddle if I thought I couldn't win in it, and I love to ride my signature saddles from REINSMAN!

MP Freedom Fit Tree vs MP Wood Tree:
My Freedom Fit tree has technology that allows the bars to expand to fit wider horses!  I believe true fit and comfort are achieved through the bar angle, not the gullet width, and these special bars help to achieve that wide fit when needed! All of my saddles come standard w a 6 1/2" gullet, but the Freedom Fit tree can fit a very wide horse because of its bars. It fits medium to wide horses best! I use the MP wood tree on my narrower horses. It fits medium to narrow horses the best! Both saddles have my signature deep seat and wide swells to help you ride your best!

Looking for a Custom Design?
All Molly Powell Saddles have multiple options for Leather color, Concho style, and Seat color/style. Please call 254-203-0293 or email for more details.